Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The perils of retirement

I have been retired for the past two and a half years. Before that I worked for thirty years as a teacher in a Catholic high school. I'm not sorry that I retired. At the time I needed to either retire or take a long break from that job. The problem is "where do we go from here?" It seems to me that the most common cultural assumption about people in my position is that we expect to spend our retirement as some kind of pre-geriatric hedonist. Sorry, that's not for me. The second most common assumption is that we will proceed to some job like Wal-Mart greeter or the fry person at the local burger joint. Again, that's not for me. I have found some volunteer jobs to be satisfying but the problem is that sometimes you have many requests for your help and other times no requests at all. Anyway, what I will try to do here is to find again the discipline of daily writing so that when the volunteer work is slack (like it is this week) I can find something useful to do.

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