Thursday, January 4, 2007

Religious Education

Someone asked me a while back what advice I would give to someone just starting out as a religious education teacher (something I tried to do at the high school level for about 30 years and am still trying to do at the parish level. Anyway, I wrote:

Try to remember first of all that you are only one part of the catechetical enterprise of the Church. Remember also that being comfortable with your own faith and knowing the content of that faith is important. Who you are and what you believe is an important part of the message you will deliver. Also, It is important to remember that you represent the Church. As such you have a duty to faithfully transmit the authentic teachings of that Church. Finally,it probably does not seem like you have the time, but prayer and reflection are important things to do in your situation.

You could of course talk about things like lesson plans, materials, and essential skills but the quote nicely summarizes how I feel about being a catechist right now.

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